Alternative Cancer Treatments Book by David ReavelyIf you (or someone you know) has been diagnosed with cancer, you’re likely to be feeling frightened and maybe somewhat confused about what options are open to you. This book was written for people like you in order to provide the information you need in order to make a truly informed decision about your treatment options. So, at a time when you may feel somewhat disempowered, the intention is to give you back some control of your destiny, because knowledge can be truly empowering. This book gives you just enough information about each treatment or treatment facility, giving you the opportunity to discover more about any that you resonate with, hence the reason for including lots of contact information. The author does not endorse any particular treatment or facility, but merely conveys information so that the reader can arrive at their own conclusions. Regardless of your leanings, whether towards an orthodox treatment approach or more natural methods, this book is full of inspiring people, their methodologies and their stories.

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