David Reavely The Food Detective

A Beginners Guide to Rejuvenation by David Reavely The Food Detective

First of a series of three books on rejuvenation, The concept embodied within this book is a simple one: we humans look better, live longer and reduce our risk of disease if we are internally ‘clean’ and our cells are well nourished.

This can only be achieved if we make the effort to adhere to a pure and natural diet comprising of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds and any animal products from naturally reared animals. Most folk don’t find the converse situation too attractive; namely: adhere to a mostly unhealthy diet, increase internal toxicity levels and deprive our cells of the nutrients they need to function efficiently.
The end result is accelerated ageing, looking older for our years and a shortened life tainted by poor health for the rest of our time here on planet earth.

Therefore, in essence, this book is about how the food we eat has the potential to keep us healthy, active and looking good for longer.