Food Intolerance

Food intolerance testing deviceFood intolerance – how is it detected?

To detect any food intolerance or to assess the underlying states behind your food and environmental sensitivities, I use the latest health screening technology in the form of the Asyra Pro to highlight any food intolerance, hormonal imbalances, toxicity issues, parasites, yeast infections and other issues.

Food intolerance and food allergy – what’s the difference?

A lot of people get mixed up between food intolerance and food allergy. A food allergy usually results in a quick reaction to a food that doesn’t agree with you, such as eating a kiwi fruit and your lips becoming swollen. This is a direct response from your immune system. Conversely, an intolerance can still bring about adverse symptoms, such as a migraine or digestive problems, but it can manifest itself an hour or two later; or even a day later.

What is electro-dermal screening?

All tests are carried out by a process known as electro-dermal screening (EDS).
EDS is a process which recognizes and measures the body’s response to the electro-magnetic signatures of substances. Readings are taken by holding onto two brass handmasses, and minute changes in the electrical resistance of your skin are monitored as different signals are output from the system.

The main features of the Asyra include:

  • Probe-less and non-invasive
  • Comprehensive health analysis in under five minutes
  • Fully customisable tests
  • Can be used to imprint homeopathic remedies
  • Test results can form the basis for an in-depth consultation, helping to map out the most effective health programme for the client
  • A comprehensive range of tests are available

A quick and easy test can help you to be sure that your health is not being impaired by a common food intolerance or deficiency. Even high performance athletes have benefited from the elimination of foods from their diet that they were reacting to. A wonderful example is that of the world-class tennis player, Novak Djokovic, who suffers from gluten intolerance. Once this was identified and eliminated from his diet his performance improved markedly.

In addition to helping to identify possible food sensitivities, the Asyra can be used to imprint a homeopathic remedy, which, in conjunction with a specific dietary programme, may help to de-sensitise you from the allergens that have presented a problem.

Overweight or Underweight?

Weight problems are very frequently related to food intolerance and food allergies. After omitting the offending food or foods, it is not unusual to notice a significant loss of weight, especially in the first few weeks. Conversely, sometimes those who are underweight begin to achieve normal levels in relation to their height and bone structure. This can be due to the improved absorption of nutrients that ensues when allergens are removed from the diet.

Easily tired, low energy levels?

Malabsorption of nutrients leading to vitamin and mineral deficiencies can sometimes be related to food intolerance. Again, once the offending food or foods are removed from the diet, a noticeable improvement in energy levels may result. Moreover, it would appear that sensitivity to the likes of gluten may affect the brain resulting in feelings of drowsiness and general fatigue; this is usually very evident after eating foods that you are sensitive to.

Asthma, Breathing Difficulties?

We all know that these can be brought on by environmental substances or even food intolerance, but which ones? The Asyra will often help to identify the possible candidates. Once you know the cause, then avoidance is easier.

IBS, Bloating, Constipation?

These very common complaints are, in a great many cases, associated with either food intolerances or the under-production of digestive enzymes and stomach acid. Many of my clients have seen astonishing improvements in only a few weeks by following simple dietary advice and a course of supplements.

Look and Feel better than ever

Our lives are all different and whatever our age, interests or activities we want to feel good.

The body is a hardy and versatile organism, but often even mild food intolerances and imbalances can have a debilitating effect on our every day living, with headaches,migraines, sleeplessness, depression, breathing difficulties, weight problems, aches and pains, skin complaints and a whole host of other unpleasant and debilitating side-effects. To achieve good health, the body must be given the right conditions; namely, good nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest and relaxation, low level of toxicity and freedom from foods that are constantly challenging the immune/digestive system.

Maximize your performances

If you take sport or work seriously you will want to do your best to ensure peak performance at all times.

If your body is out of balance, through food intolerances, vitamin and mineral imbalances or the pressure of toxins, your performance will suffer.

Regular checks will help you to monitor your constantly changing physical state and maximize the benefits of your training program.

Dave can help you to give yourself that extra competitive edge which makes the difference between gold and silver.

Health Screening with the Asyra Pro

All tests are carried out by a process known as electro-dermal screening (EDS).
EDS is a process which recognizes and measures the body’s response to the electro-magnetic signatures of substances which are measured by using a small pen-like stylus which is simply touched to key ‘acupressure’ points, usually the index finger of either hand.

The Principle of EDS was first demonstrated as long ago as the 1950’s but it only with the advert of today’s powerful desk-top computers that the method can be applied to its full advantage.

What sets our system apart from others using a similar technology is the vast base of substances that we can test for (over 30,000 an growing all the time), the comprehensive, easy to read report of test results and the valuable nutritional advice that is included as part of the service EDS can give you, easily and quickly, important information about yourself which will help you to be at your very best whatever your lifestyle.


“I decided to take the test because I thought I had a sensitivity to wheat; I felt bloated and tired when I ate wheat bread and tried to eat alternatives such as rye bread and oat cakes. However, the test showed that I had a gluten intolerance and should avoid not just wheat but oats, barley and rye! If I hadn’t have taken the test I would never have realized this.

Immediately after the test I embarked on a gluten free diet. For two days I had a mild headache but after this I immediately noticed a difference. My bloated stomach had gone down and I had significantly more energy – getting out of bed in the morning wasn’t such a struggle and doing physical tasks around the house didn’t feel so onerous – I was even doing my ironing at 6.30am one morning!

After one month on a gluten free diet I have lost 9lbs, which I’d had difficulty shifting before. I don’t get the cravings for wheat-based foods such as bread, cakes and biscuits which I use to get, especially when I was stressed with work. This means I am more in control of my eating habits and I don’t over eat or eat the wrong foods as I am absorbing the nutrients more efficiently from the food I eat. My diet is therefore much healthier and I feel better.

I am delighted with the results and have recommended the test to family and friends as it has significantly changed my life. I am currently training for the 26 mile Moonwalk next month in London and having more energy and feeling more positive means I can fit the training into a busy daily schedule, which involves running my own business and a young son.”

Best regards, Suzanne Rowse

“Getting on really well. I’ve just had my first period since starting the no wheat trial and I’m absolutely amazed! Obviously that was one of my biggest problems and I have had no cramps whatsoever and everything has been much better. So I think I’m going to cut wheat out for longer just because it’s made such a difference to a situation that used to be so horrendous. Thank you so much!”
Molly, Kent

“I wanted to let you know that we have a good news story in the making. Since I saw you I have given up Gluten and only have the Gluten Free biscuits very occasionally as I know they are not great, I have also balanced out my protein and veg.

I measured my waist this morning and I have lost 2 inches, I no longer get the dreadful tired waves coming over me and haven’t had any itching. I don’t seem to have any cravings for anything now and just manage quite happily on structured meals and two ‘good’ snacks a day without grazing all the time. I have increased my carbs by way of veg but also have gluten free oat cakes and rice cakes without them having an effect on my weight and I pack Gluten free products, nuts and fruit to take away with me rather than touch food with gluten. I haven’t had a diet coke in 3 weeks and have found a love for sparkling water.

A big thank you to you for finding the key and encouraging me to put it in the lock and turn it!”

Best regards,


How to Book

Dave Reavely The Food Detective Nutritional Therapist fro Food IntolerancesDavid Reavely is a fully registered Nutritional Therapist (Diploma in Nutritional Medicine) and member the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (mBANT). David will therefore be able to use his extensive knowledge to advise you on the results of your health screening and an appropriate protocol for bringing your health back into balance.

David is also available for telephone consultations and email/telephone support for those people on exclusion diets.

To Make an appointment contact Dave by email.