Treatment/Consultation Fees


My main mission in life is to help people! So if you need to access my nutritional services and my modest fees could cause you some difficulty, please ask me for details of a Trust which will provide funding for those who genuinely cannot afford my services.

1st Consultation
The first consultation which includes a health questionnaire, full health screening with the Asyra Pro,  a bespoke imprinted homeopathic remedy, personalised health advice takes around 90 minutes (plus time spent on your programme and 2 months follow-up support)

Typical Current Treatment Fees:

1. Consultation and Asyra health screening:  £100

 (may incur time and travel costs for home visits)

2. Asyra demonstration  (up to 20 minutes) £35**
includes £10 off complete health screening

3. Asyra retest (around 90 minutes) £90

(includes an updated plan, imprinted bespoke homeopathic remedy, support, etc)

Additional Services

Low level laser treatment – for pain relief, reducing stress, acceleration of healing, anti-inflammatory (plus travel costs if applicable)

Nutritional Support

I offer nutritional advice and support which is facilitated via telephone, skype and email

30 minutes: £40

45 minutes: £60