Dave Reavely the Food Detective          CNHC Registered

Referred to as the ‘Food Detective’, Dave Reavely acquired this title because of his involvement in helping to detect clients’ food intolerances in addition to an ability to isolate how an individual’s diet and lifestyle may be contributing towards their health condition.

A former PE Teacher, Dave has always been aware of the importance of exercise and nutrition having overcome a number of health problems from his early youth. When it came to food sensitivities, he had to learn the hard way, as he was intolerant to many foods from his early teens.

Dave has worked as a Nutritonal Advisor from the year 2000, but gained his diploma in nutritional medicine with the well recognised Plaskett Nutritional Medicine College (now merged with Thames Valley University)  in 2006. Dave is a fully registered member of the CThA (Complimentary Therapists Association) and a member of the British Association of Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (mBANT). He is also a fully qualified Level 2 Fitness Instructor and registered with the Register of Fitness Professionals (REPS).

In addition to the foregoing, Dave is a Nutritional Advisor to Jamie Johnson, one of the UK’s first female professional boxers, world title contender in the USA and recently inducted into The Madison Square Gardens Hall Of Fame. her talent was spotted by Joe Frasier, and she sparred with Joe’s daughter, Jacqui, and also Mohammed Ali’s daughter, Leila Ali, both boxing title holders in the USA. Jamie maintains that good nutrition has played a huge part of her success.




Dave’s special interests include:

* Food allergies and intolerances

* Digestive complaints such as IBS, acid reflux, constipation, indigestion, etc

* Weight control

* Environmental sensitivities

* Nutrition and sports performance

* Mucous related conditions such as sinus congestion/sinusitis, nasal drip, etc

* Migraines/headaches

* Infections

* Skin conditions

* Low energy and sleep problems

* Arthritis

* ADHD and related conditions in children

* Raw food diet



Dave is also the author of the following books:

The Natural Athlete – 2003

The Cool Kids Guide to Healthy Eating – 2006

The Big Fat Mystery – How food intolerances can sabotage your efforts to lose weight - Metro books, 2008

Healthy Eating and Pollution protection for Kids – A Parent’s Guide – O Books, 2011

Dave is listed as a nutritional expert by BBC Radio Kent and BBC South-east TV.

Bookings/Telephone Consultations

Dave can be contacted on: 07788710667, or via email.

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Have you been diagnosed with a food intolerance  which has resulted in you having to adhere to an exclusion diet?

As I know from personal experience, avoiding the offending foods can be tricky, and so can following any nutrition programme without expert guidance. In view of this, it occurred to me that I should be offering people a nutrition support service, particularly for those of you have recently embarked upon a nutrition programme (for example, a gluten-free diet). Having had experience with having to deal with hundreds of food intolerance sufferers, I know many of the pitfalls; I am also aware of the common symptoms that people often suffer from as a result of adjustments by the body in response to the new diet.

It’s not unusual, for instance, for the original symptoms caused by the intolerance, may get initially worse when someone omits the offending food or foods from their diet. Naturally, some people become a little anxious when this happens, and need reassurance and guidance.

What you receive when you sign-up for nutritional support:

  • An initial brief appraisal of your current situation sent to you via your email address
  • Personal guidance from me via emails during your nutrition programme. This includes advice on foods to avoid and those you can have; guidance in relation to health issues, such as any symptoms that you may experience on an exclusion diet, etc.
  • If you require me to provide you with nutritional support for the first few weeks or months of your dietary programme, then it’s very easy to sign up for this service, just email me by clicking here.


My Spirit Radio

Dave is a show host for My Spirit Radio, an internet radio station that has a growing number of listeners world-wide. His show, The Holistic Health Show, encompasses a wide range of subjects relating to health and wellbeing. Guests on his show include Dr Wendy Denning from channel 5’s very popular TV series, The Diet Doctors; Jason Vale, best-selling author and TV broadcaster, otherwise known as the ‘Juicemaster’; world-renowned naturopath and author, Jan de Vries; Dr Doug Graham (Nutritional Advisor for world-class tennis player, Martina Navratilova), Dr. Hilary Jones (GMTV resident Doctor) and Pete Cohen, lifestyle coach for GMTV.

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